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== [[Marcin Niewalda]] ==
Hi. On Nonsensopedia we don't write articles about private people ([[N:P]]) and Marcin Niewalda isn't such man. He's a founder of [http://www.okiem.pl/ Okiem Encyclopedia]. He's popular here, because he forbade coping texts from Okiem (they are on GFDL, but Marcin said they weren't on it...). So he's public person. And we think that public people always will be known and popular (not very, but some). {{Misiek95}} 04:29, 2 cze 2009 (UTC)
-- No, I'am not a public person, and you have to delete article. I use to work for okiem.pl but I don't do it since few years and I' am not public person any more. Okiem.pl is also private page, not public. I am photographer and genealogist. Don't work for any public organization.
Article says about my private points of view (witch is shown totally an-true), ant it isn't a joke - is a method for arguing with my personal ideas, using public media like nonsensopedia. This article is just a mockery, not a joke!!!! I do not discuss, though it did taste good. The article is a mockery and spitting in the worst possible style. Marcin Niewalda 10:47 7 may 2010 (UTC)
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